Red copper is cold-resistant, heat-resistant, pressure-resistant,corrosion-resistant, fire-resistant and other physical and chemical properties in one, the compact molecular structure of red copper and precision manufacturing process, so that the product life up to more than 70 years, with high cost performance

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The copper pipe with good performance combines the advantages of metal pipe and non-metal pipe in one Quick & environmentally friendly piping installation solutions
  • Hot-sale
  • Copper Water Pipe
  • Cupreous Floor Heating
  • Other Products
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Red metal with a green face
Five Major Drinking Water Piping System Solutions To Protect Your Health
  • Circulation of fresh water and fresh cold water
  • Constant instant hot water temperature
  • The water pressure is stable and the water flow is uniform
  • Periodic circulation of supply pressure balance
  • The whole house is fresh and hot and cold
Residential plumbing specialist
Tocom Honest and reliable lean system service innovation We are a professional manufacturer of copper and copper alloy products. Our hometown is in ausnapluk, Germany, which is a high-quality partner of KME. Our products and services are widely used in the production, installation and construction of domestic copper drinking water pipes, floor heating pipes, medical copper pipes and accessories. Our products and service...

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Our products and services are widely used in residential, commercial, industrial,
air conditioning, refrigeration and shipbuilding industries worldwide
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Professional, fast and efficient after-sales service team to provide you with quality product after-sales service
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